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High Net Worth

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Our services include:

  • Personal financial and tax planning
  • Tax return preparation at all levels, all entities with comprehensive tax management.
  • Coordinating and interfacing with

    • Investment advisors
    • Bankers
    • Insurance professionals
    • Legal advisors
  • Bookkeeping, accounting, and payment of bills
  • Cash flow management and forecasting
  • Assisting, coordinating, and negotiating the acquisition of homes and other major investments
  • Managing the financial details of multiple residences, rental homes and vacation properties


With over 30 years of working with successful business owners, entrepreneurs and entertainers, our goal is to provide a higher level of service and fill in the gaps that create stress in your life. We often act as your lead advisor, to minimize professional fees while obtaining the highest level of expertise from other disciplines. We do so with a level of personal attention not found in many firms and we become a trusted advisor.
Discretion is a key component of our offerings. You have a CPA/MBA at your disposal, as well as, a well-trained team that caters to you and your loved ones. Call for a Free Consultation.